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LIMETOW™ Electric Scalp Massager

LIMETOW™ Electric Scalp Massager

✔️FDA Approved | 🐰Cruelty-Free | 🌱Vegan | 💉Clinically Proven

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The LIMETOW™ Electric Scalp Massager easily stands out from other tools because it is specifically designed to promote hair growth and scalp health.


Check Out Liam’s 8 Week Mind Blowing Hair Transformation:

I never imagined that I would experience hair loss at my age, but here I am with receding hair from my midline and bald patch on my temples. I first noticed hair falls when I brush or shower, but only thought of it as normal. Until some time after, there had been an alarming amount of strands shedding almost everywhere. A friend recommended this scalp serum kit to me and this product really saved me from baldness!

Week 1:

After only a week of using this machine, I have seen a lot of pomade growing in my hair. My existing strands also feel stronger and less prone to damage and shedding. It really calms the scalp and even relieves my mild itching. It's also very easy to use, I just drop the oils into the little box and massage it into my scalp, which is very soothing! It then already started working for me. In the 7 days I've been using it, I've never had any problems with the product.

Week 6:

After 6 weeks the baby hairs had already grown long and were covering the thinning areas so well. What I like more about this product, is that it still continuously provides more new growth. The key thing is that when my scalp is itchy or irritated, I just turn on the red light to massage my scalp and quickly calm my scalp, I love it so much! My hair falls had also decreased now and I no longer woke up with more strands sticking everywhere on my pillow or clothes. 

Week 8:

In just 2 months my hair had already fully improved! No balding patches to be seen and no more severe hair shedding! I’m overjoyed with the fact that I no longer have to be conscious of my look everytime I go outside. My hair feels so soft and exceptionally fuller, longer and thicker than ever. My partner is even shocked at how healthy it looks now and it only took me 8 weeks for this amazing hair transformation. I’m really thankful for this product, it really gives you a job well done with not a single negative side effect. I proudly recommend it!

Liam Thompson, 37, Alberta, Canada

Vibration, electrical microcurrent, and red light therapy help make your hair grow stronger and healthier.

Advanced Scalp Care Massage】 Experience the power of scalp massage . By increasing blood circulation in the scalp, it provides essential nutrients and oxygen to hair follicles, resulting in strong and healthy hair growth.

Precise Serum Application】Now you can effortlessly apply the perfect amount of serum to your scalp, ensuring maximum effectiveness and optimal hair health.

Ultimate Scalp Rejuvenation】 Designed to offer unparalleled scalp rejuvenation, it combines high-frequency vibrations with precise serum application. Pamper your scalp like never before and enhance blood circulation for improved hair vitality. Feel the difference as your hair becomes more vibrant and revitalized.

Our cutting edge technology utilizes Red Light EMS Therapy to help regrow and strengthen the hair. This is perfectly safe and enhances blood circulation & nutrient absorption for superior results.


Noticed positive results using our scalp care massager in under 60 days.
Said this is the best hair growth treatment they have tried.
Found the LIMETOW™ Scalp Care Massager easy to use.

HOW IT WORKS  In Just 3 Simple Steps


Make sure the Scalp Massager is charged and that the reservoir is loaded with your preferred hair serum.


Opt for one of three modes – Vibration + Red Light, Red Light Only, or Vibration Only.


Dispense the serum by pressing the tank cap, and then move the device in circular motions across the scalp.

💡Key Ingredients Of Natural Hair Growth Serum:

  • Rice Flour -  is a nutrient filled ingredient that acts as conditioning agents and protein treatments for hair. It has an excellent cleansing effect that thoroughly exfoliates the scalp to maintain it clean and in its optimum condition. Its antiseptic benefits can even fight off infections, product accumulations and swerve off excess oils that weigh hair down, causing hair fall. Furthermore, rice flour also has amino acids that work intensely in nourishing and helping in coating the hair strand for protection and repairing existing damages. It improves elasticity as well and helps in removing frizz to keep the hair exceptionally smooth and silky as ever.  
  • Angelica Extract - is a popular Chinese organic remedy for hair loss. It successfully  encourages a boost in blood circulation of the scalp. Providing a more steady and healthier hair growth and prompt the regeneration of damaged hair cells to avoid hair thinning. It supplies vitamin E which is enriched with natural antioxidant effects that help reduce the amount of oxidative stress and free radicals that contribute to hair loss. It even replenishes the nutrients supplied in the scalp and body, which is essential for healthy hair growth.
  • Soybean - is a staple in asian cuisine that has been linked to numerous benefits, including in hair improvements. It is packed with vitamin E that aids hair loss by strengthening each hair follicle, and fighting free radicals that can damage skin cells on the scalp. Soybean even offers proteins that help in building up keratin which also strengthens the hair fibers and keeps them more elastic. It enhances the tresses' shine and smoothness while preventing it from easily breakage. Saving your hair from unwanted frizz, tangles and other damages that will likely lead to hair falls. Lastly, soybean can help in fighting off dandruffs and relieving scalp itching.  
  • Wheat Germ - is abundant in linoleic acid, which possesses natural moisturizing and nourishing properties to repair dry and damaged hair from the roots. It encourages the strength and elasticity of each strand. Additionally, it comes with vitamin E which helps to nourish the hair with their needed building blocks for optimum health. Wheat germs are also filled with vitamin B complex which stimulates a healthy cell rejuvenation through abundant red blood cells and naturally support your hair follicles. It even balances the scalp which will then promote healthy hair and consistent, faster hair development.
    • Weight: 10ml
    • 1 x LIMETOW™ Electric Scalp Massager
    • 1 x Natural Hair Growth Serum
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